Jason Derulo Weight

Jason Derulo

How Much Does Jason Derulo Weigh?

Jason Derulo weighs close to 170 pounds.


How Tall is Jason Derulo?

Jason Derulo is approximately 6’0” in height.


About Jason Derulo’s weight:

Jason Derulo, or Jason Joel Desrouleaux, is well known in the music industry for his Haiti-American singing style. He is in his early twenties and already making a big name for himself. Jason is also an actor as well as a dancer. He loves to write his own songs, too.
Derulo has been nominated for over a dozen awards while winning at least four of them. He has made music for rappers Birdman and Diddy. In his music career, he has made many strides at such a young age. On television, he has appeared in State of Georgia, Everybody Dance Now, and Turn the Beat Around.

Jason weighs in at around 170 pounds for his six feet tall stature. He is still very young and his metabolism burns well for him. With his love of dancing, he burns many calories and keeps his body in great shape.

Do you know if Jason also loves to work out at the gym? We would say probably this is true by seeing how his body is nicely fit with well-defined muscle lines. Many of his age find working out at the gym a great stress reliever while giving them a six pack ab body.

What type of foods do you think Jason likes to eat? With his Haitian background, he is sure to love foods of French as well as African flare. Creole cooking is included with foods such as rice, veggie stew, starches, Pate, and other flavorful dishes.

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