January Jones Weight

How Much Does January Jones Weigh?

January Jones weighs close to 110 pounds.


How Tall is January Jones?

January Jones is approximately 5’7” in height.


What is January Jones’ Bra Size?

January’s bra size is a 34C.

About January Jones’ weight:

January Jones’ weight is a hot topic in Hollywood. It has been less than a year since her baby boy was born. She lost her pregnancy related weight within the first eight weeks of being a mom. The Mad Men star weighs around 110 pounds at five foot-seven inches tall.

How did she lose weight quickly? When interviewed by popular entertainment news casters, January mentioned the business of motherhood alone has helped her to lose her weight so quickly. She also breast fed her baby son, which REALLY helped to kick start the weight loss furnace in her body.

Breast feeding allows the body to lose weight more quickly. During this time in a mother’s life, it is important to still eat healthy foods. This is important to the mom as well as the baby. No special diet was really followed during her time of baby fat weight loss.

IS she too THIN for her height? Really 110 pounds is somewhat on the lower end of healthy for a woman who is 5’7” tall. Many desire to be around the 100 pound mark in weight which is not always healthy. It is important to follow a diet which is not too harsh on the body and weigh a healthy weight!

What exercise does January Jones do? Well, we have heard that January likes to take part in Yoga exercises. Yoga teaches one to breathe following meditation techniques. It is also designed to help you learn to relax. This is definitely something very useful for new mothers adjusting to the new routine of motherhood!

Yoga also provides the body with stretching exercises. It allows the participant to learn flexibility, gain strength, as well as improve balance. Yoga also teaches proper warm up techniques as well as keeping the body well-hydrated!

January Jones has gained health benefits from taking yoga instruction. She has done well with her transition into motherhood.  Of course, keeping her weight at a healthy stay is a plus as long as it is not too low for the body. She has gained the benefits of a pleasant mood, reduced stress, and increased concentration along the way!

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