James Franco Weight

How Much Does James Franco Weigh?

James Franco weighs close to 170 pounds.


How Tall is James Franco?

James Franco is approximately 5’10” in height.

About James Franco weight:

James Franco is a popular actor in America and is famous for his roles in James Dean, Pineapple Express, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He is currently working on several projects including The Iceman, Spring Breakers, The End of the World, and True Story.

How does James Franco keep his body fit? James was given the title of Sexiest Man Living during 2009. During his training for the movie Annapolis, he underwent intense boxing sessions. Boxers endure a variety of training sessions including rounds of pushups and sit-ups, working on the speed bag as well as the heavy bag. Jumping rope is also involved during training sessions for boxers.  Boxing involves intense cardio workout for the body and provides a real catalyst to getting the body in great shape.

So, what does James Franco eat? Most of his life, he has eaten vegetarian style. Protein comes in the form of substitute options such as grains, tofu, and veggie meats. The rest of diet can focus around fruits, veggies, grains, seeds, and nuts. Legumes are also a popular choice when following a vegetarian diet.

Many delicious and healthy recipes can be found to suit the vegetarian’s food exchange. For many, following this type of diet will help to lower cholesterol levels and provide a better way of eating naturally. Blood pressure can return to normal for many because they are not in taking so much sodium which is often found in highly processed foods.  Other benefits of following a vegetarian diet include increases in energy levels, a better outlook on life, sharp memory functions, and great levels of concentration.

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