J. J. Abrams Weight

J. J. Abrams

How Much Does J. J. Abrams Weigh?

J. J. Abrams weighs close to 150 pounds.


How Tall is J. J. Abrams?

J. J. Abrams is approximately 5’7” in height.


About J. J. Abrams weight:

Jeffrey Jacob Abrams, or in short J. J. Abrams, is a multitalented American celebrity; a movie and television producer, director, screenwriter, actor and composer. Most of his popular works are in the genre of action, science fiction and drama. He will soon be directing the first movie in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, the Star Wars Episode VII.

Abrams directed hit movies, noteworthy of which are Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, Mission: Impossible III and Super 8. Cloverfield, Morning Glory and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol are the notable movies which he produced. The veteran proved his acting talent playing a role in the movie Six Degrees of Separation. He bagged ample number of awards and nominations for his directing, writing and producing of movies and television shows.

Not much is known about the 48 years old celebrity’s diet plan as he didn’t share anything about it. As a matter of fact, Abrams is hardly seen talking about his personal life as he is almost always busy talking about his movies, television shows and related stuff. It is thought that he is reluctant to following a strict diet plan as he has been spotted a number of times in food places having heavy meals.

Abrams focuses on daily workout, especially the cardio ones, in order to maintain his body and stay in proper shape. He loves doing a variety of stuff like pushups in different styles, leg crossovers, drop kicks and air punches. Well, that physique seems pretty fair for someone who is mostly working behind the cameras and rarely in front of it. Any objection, guys?

Photo Information: This photo is provided by and given credit to David Shankbone – on Flickr.com with permission via Creative Commons Licensing.

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