Hugh Jackman Weight

How Much Does Hugh Jackman Weigh?

Hugh Jackman weighs close to 190 pounds.


How Tall is Hugh Jackman?

Hugh Jackman is approximately 6’3” in height.

About Hugh Jackman weight:

Hugh Jackman is popular for his major roles in Wolverine and Real Steel. When you look at his body, he is looking good. Better than that – he is looking GREAT!

How does Hugh Jackman keep his body in the shape it is through such a tough work schedule? Well, first of all Hugh is dedicated to what he loves. He loves to play his roles to the best of his ability. He LOVES to look GREAT in these roles as well.

Through many recent movie roles, Hugh Jackman has undergone an intensive exercise routine along with following a body builder’s diet. While working on his consistent exercise routine, he has three main focuses: muscle accumulating, muscle strengthening, and fat losses.

What about the main focus of his diet? Well, the biggest focus is eating higher protein foods with lower carbohydrate intake. This in effect will strip the body of stored fats while allowing Hugh to gain the muscle needed for his movie shoots. This form of dieting also allows the body to have needed energy reserves for long days of working and following his routine.

Most body builder diets will follow this general rule: 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat intake. The small amount of fat is needed by the body to function properly. The proteins and carbs are balanced giving the ability for the body to gain muscle bulk while having energy.

As the intensity of working out changes, the percentage of protein versus carbs can be modified. For example, during several weeks of training the carb percentage may be only 30% which means the protein percentage will be modified to 50%. Fat intake will normally remain at the 20% level when following a body building routine.

Are you ready to start looking like Hugh Jackman? Then, follow his diligence and his inspiration to do what it takes to become a GREAT looking man! The ladies will be sure to notice the change in your body when you follow the body building plan consistently!

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