Hannah Murray Weight

How Much Does Hannah Murray Weigh?

Hannah Murray weighs close to 110 pounds.


How Tall is Hannah Murray?

Hannah Murray is approximately 5’6” in height.


What is Hannay Murray’s Bra Size?

Hannah’s bra size is a 32B.

About Hannah Murray’s weight:

Hannah Murray is from the United Kingdom and she is an actress. She weighs in at around 110 pounds at the age of 21. She is famous for her role in playing in Skins. Following this role, she also played in That Face, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? and Game of Thrones.

Although Hannah plays a role which involves teenagers who are anorexic, she is not known to have any problems with eating disorders. She has also had a good life without problems feeling suicidal. Hannah is not much like Cassie in the role she is playing.  Hannah feels the show does bring awareness to society about what some teenagers are facing, anorexia and peer pressures.

Hannah has loved to be in ballet and understands what it takes to work day in and day out on her routine. She loves the performing arts and is also interested in modeling. Rumor has it that she is even involved in skiing, swimming, and ice skating. Hannah knows that staying active allows the body to stay slim and healthy. Dancing is also a great way to burn calories consumed during the day.

Probably Hannah only consumes about 1000 to 1200 calories in a day. She may eat more fresh foods as compared to fast foods. Leading a busy life keeps one’s mind off of eating. I am sure that she needs reminded to sit down, take a break, and replenish the body.

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