Evan Handler Weight

How Much Does Evan Handler Weigh?

Evan Handler weighs close to 175 pounds.


How Tall is Evan Handler?

Evan Handler is approximately 5’9” in height.


About Evan Handler’s weight:

Evan Handler is famous for his roles in Sex in the City 1 & 2, Natural Born Killers, Ransom, and Harvest. He is known for his acting as well as his writing abilities. He has also played in Taps, The Chosen, and War & Love.

Evan has led a very busy lifestyle in his acting career. In his hectic life, he has also fought with leukemia which totally changed his view on life. Many people who are faced with this disease will go on the Leukemia Diet. This entails avoiding all foods which contain toxins. This seems crazy, but it involves very discrete selection in the food eaten on a daily basis.

Foods to avoid include sugars, artificial sweeteners, food additives, excessive salt intake and more. Some support groups will provide members with a list of “foods that kill.” Some of the foods included on this list which are also avoided include: margarine, MSG, hormones in food, refined oils, junk foods, and more.

The list is large and when you think about what you are putting in your body – it makes a difference when you are facing a life threatening disease. It is unsure if Evan Handler chose to do body cleansing, but it is highly recommended by many groups. Cleansing for leukemia patients may include bowel, kidney, and liver cleanses.

How does exercise help those, like Evan Handler, with leukemia? Exercising is a way for the body to cleanse itself of impurities. Taking the time to keep to an exercise routine also provides the body with balance and relieves the increasing stress involved on a daily basis.

Exercising in this situation should always been done under the supervision of your physician. When facing disease within the body, there are limits to what you can do. The same program of exercise which will help you can also exhaust you and lower the immune system. Balance is needed in your life to stay healthy!

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