Eva Longoria Weight

Eva Longoria

How Much Does Eva Longoria Weigh?

Eva Longoria weighs close to 110 pounds.


How Tall is Eva Longoria?

Eva Longoria is approximately 5’2” in height.


What is Eva Longoria’s Bra Size?

Eva’s bra size is a 34A.

About Eva Longoria’s weight:

Eva Longoria is an American actress involved in filmography as well as television. She is currently in her late thirties and has received several awards and nominations in her career. Eva has played roles in the following: Over Her Dead Body, Snitch’d, The Heartbreak Kid, The Greater Glory, Crazy Kind of Love, and A Dark Truth. She has also appeared in a variety of television roles including: Beverly Hills, 90210, General Hospital, George Lopez, Children’s Hospital, Masterchef, and Welcome to the Family.

Longoria is also a writer publishing her first book titled Eva’s Kitchen: Cooking with Love for Family and Friends. She enjoys a variety of foods and does not seem to have any issues with keeping her weight at a healthy limit. She has worked with chefs and even opened a restaurant to serve delicious foods to the communities.

Eva Longoria appears to do some exercise routinely from time to time. Her appearance in public shows pride taken in her image; she appears to be fit for her age, height, and weight.

Do you enjoy following Eva Longoria? Have you read her new book which was released a short time ago? How do you feel she rates in the area of being at a healthy weight? Do you feel she needs to add a more regular fitness routine to her daily life?

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