Derek Hough Weight

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How Much Does Derek Hough Weigh?

Derek Hough weighs close to 155 pounds.


How Tall is Derek Hough?

Derek Hough is approximately 5’10” in height.


About Derek Hough’s weight:

Derek Hough is a singer as well as dancer and is well known for his appearances on Dancing with the Stars. He personally choreographs many of his dancing routines. Derek is in his late twenties and was born in the United States. He has also starred in Footloose: The Musical in London as well as his Broadway debut. As a singer, Derek has done lead vocals as well as played guitar. He has also been given credit for writing several songs which were released through Hollywood Records approximately four years ago.

Being schooled in dance at a fairly young age, Derek has also been schooled early in proper eating. This is necessary to endure many hours of education as well as hours of daily training in dance routine. Dancing practice and routines is greatly beneficial to the body.

Routine is very important to Derek as well as long, hard hours of training. Hough is the only person to win the Mirror Ball Trophies four times and has earned many perfect scores in his sport. He is considered a professional dancer and takes his career seriously.

Eating a healthy diet will provide the body with the nutrients needed to endure many hours of mental as well as physical pressures of this sort of lifestyle. Energy is needed to go many 16 hour days. Derek also works on other projects along with wan including appearing in a variety of films.

Have you followed Derek Hough? Was he one of your favorites on Dancing with the Stars? We would love to hear your comments, below! Thank you!

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