Denzel Washington Weight

Denzel Washington

How Much Does Denzel Washington Weigh?

Denzel Washington weighs close to 210 pounds.


How Tall is Denzel Washington?

Denzel Washington is approximately 6’1” in height.


About Denzel Washington’s weight:

Denzel Washington is in his late sixties, but has made a huge impact in the filming industry. He is an actor as well as film director and producer. He is famous for some of his roles in the following films: Power, Cry Freedom, Glory, Mississippi Masala, Malcom X, The Pelican Brief, Philadelphia, Crimson Tide, and Devil in a Blue Dress. He has also played in the following and received nominations or awards: Courage Under Fire, He Got Game, The Hurricane, Remember the Titans, Training Day, The Book of Eli, and Training Flight.

The talents of Denzel Washington are many; he has been involved in bringing promotion to a variety of charity causes. In his life, it appears he has also put his best step forward in the area of his weight and dietary lifestyle.

During his public film roles, Denzel seems to become more involved in an exercise routine as the years have progressed. His body appears more toned and his energy levels are excellent. Over the years, Washington has taken care of his body and health just as meticulously as he has worked on his career.

Do you follow Denzel Washington? Do you see any need for improvement when it comes to his weight or his lifestyle habits as it relates to eating and exercise? We would love to hear your comments about his weight!

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