Daniel Craig Weight

Daniel Craig

How Much Does Daniel Craig Weigh?

Daniel Craig weighs close to 175 pounds.


How Tall is Daniel Craig?

Daniel Craig is approximately 5’10” in height.


About Daniel Craig’s weight:

Daniel Craig is most famous for his role as James Bond in 007. Craig is an actor and has played in some of the following films: The Power of One, Kiss & Tell, Obsession, Ice House, Love & Rage, The Trench, Some Voices, Sword of Honour, Copenhagen, Road to Perdition and The Mother. He has also played in more recent productions including Layer Cake, Enduring Love, Casino Royale, Infamous, Quantum of Solace, Cowboys & Aliens, The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, and Skyfall.

Since both parents are of welsh decent, it is a strong possibility the family carried cooking traditions influenced by British cuisines. Most main meals include beef, lamb, and seafood. The fishing industry is very strong and a common addition to many of these meals. Other foods included in British Welsh meals typically include cheese, stews, leeks, and laverbreads.

It is evident Daniel Craig has not suffered in his life from any weight related issues. His weight for his height is no problem whatsoever. As far as exercise, it does not appear Craig is heavy into a routine to build the body.

Do you enjoy watching Daniel as he plays his roles as James Bond? Do you feel he needs to add regular exercise to his life to gain the most benefits? Please let us know your thoughts and comments as the relate to his weight and height.

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