Chris Pine Weight

Chris Pine

How Much Does Chris Pine Weigh?

Chris Pine weighs close to 185 pounds.


How Tall is Chris Pine?

Chris Pine is approximately 6’0” in height.


About Chris Pine’s weight:

Chris Pine is in his early thirties and played a variety of popular movie roles as an actor. He is known for his roles in the following films: Star Trek, Star Trek Into the Darkness, Just My Luck, Unstoppable, Rise of the Guardians, and Smokin’ Aces. Pine has also appeared in these films over the years: The Confession, Blind Dating, Bottle Shock, Carriers, This Means War, and People Like Us.

Pine does a wonderful job acting his various roles. He has the women turning their heads, too. His deep blue eyes and nice body may come easy for Chris. We are unaware of specific diets he may follow, if any at all. He does have family roots which are German and French, which may influence some of his choice of foods.

When watching Chris Pine act, he does appear to do some form of exercise. He weighs close to 185 pounds and measures close to six feet tall. Some may agree that adding body building to his life would provide an even better body of health.

Did you enjoy watching Chris Pine in Unstoppable as well as some of his other roles? Do you feel if he took the time to body build, he would look even better? Do you feel he lives a healthy lifestyle when it comes to diet and exercise? We would love to hear your comments here on Celebrity Weigh In!

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