Chris Colfer Weight

How Much Does Chris Colfer Weigh?

Chris Colfer weighs close to 145 pounds.


How Tall is Chris Colfer?

Chris Colfer is approximately 5’10” in height.

About Chris Colfer’s weight:

Chris Colfer is famous for his acting and singing in America. He also obtained the Golden Globe award and has been nominated for several Emmy awards. Last year, Chris Colfer was also named in Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world.

Recently, Chris Colfer lost nearly 40 pounds of weight. This occurred by using strict diet and exercise methods. Anyone dieting should lose weight at a safe weight; at a rate of one to two pounds each week is recommended. Losing more weight than this in a week is not good for the body.

Many actors in Hollywood will find themselves drawn to lose weight through engaging in Celebrity Diets. Different aspects of dieting are involved with celebrity diets. Some are considered safe while some can be dangerous to endure.

For example, many actors like to eat organic foods. This is not harmful for the body, but just ensures how the foods were grown and taken care of. This prevents the intake of harmful hormones, pesticides, and such.  In another example, celebrities will often restrict the number of calories they are consuming. Depending on the number of calories consumed, this could be dangerous for the body. When an individual will only consume 800 to 1000 calories in a day – this is not healthy dieting.

When looking into a way to lose weight safely, then consider taking small steps of change over time. Learn to like black coffee instead of adding sugar and cream. Eat more fruits and veggies while limiting the number of junk foods, or high calorie foods. Over time, you will lose weight slowly when adding some form of exercise.

Chris Colfer is still really young and his body is in good health. If he chooses the proper ways to maintain his weight, he will continue down the road of healthy eating and exercise. Choose the proper methods of diet and exercise to have the best results!

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