Cher Weight

How Much Does Cher Weigh?

Cher weighs close to 130 pounds.


How Tall is Cher?

Cher is approximately 5’8” in height.


What is Cher’s Bra Size?

Cher’s bra size is a 36C.

About Cher’s weight:

Cher, also known as Cheryl Sarkisian, is famous for her singing and acting over the years. She has also become involved in directing films, recording, producing, and fashion designing. “Sonnie and Cher” is how she became famous as a household name.

Although her home life growing up was shaky, her mother eventually was able to help assist Cher with training for her acting career. Following her time of acting, Cher began her solo recording career at the age of 25.

Over the years Cher’s weight has fluctuated some. For the majority of time, she has stayed very slender. Through her pregnancy, she gained some weight but still looked wonderful. After her pregnancies, Cher came back to her career wearing very skimpy, see through clothing options which were seen as controversy. MTV even pulled one of her music videos from their station. It was deemed as “nudity.”

Cher loves to stay active and participate in dancing on a regular basis. She is very energetic and has held a strong presence in our lives over many decades of time. Not much is known about her style of eating. She has done well with keeping the weight off the body and is an example to the world in “keeping a nice figure.”

Do you have thoughts about Cher you would like to share? Do you think she exercises on a regular basis? Do you know if she eats vegetarian style? Do you think she follows any celebrity diets? We would love to hear from you about your personal thoughts!

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