Busy Philipps Weight

How Much Does Busy Philipps Weigh?

Busy Philipps weighs close to 130 pounds.


How Tall is Busy Philipps?

Busy Philipps is approximately 5’7” in height.


What is Busy Philipps Bra Size?

Busy’s bra size is a 34D.

About Busy Philipps’ weight:

Busy Philipps is in her early thirties and weighs in around 130 pounds. She is approximately five foot and seven inches in height. She is a film actress in America and is famous for being in Freaks and Geeks as well as Dawson’s Creek. She has also appeared in a variety of other movies and television series.

Elizabeth Jean Philipps was given the name Busy at a very young age since she was always on the move. She played and was constantly into things. She had a hard time slowing down and earned her nickname which has stayed with her into her career.

How does Busy keep the weight off? Well, she is still a very busy person and keeps herself well organized balancing career as well as other things in life. She also uses portion control to keep the weight off. She does not like to eat too much and have the sleepy feeling hit her. Many of her friends probably would say that she eats like a bird – very light and controlled.

Does Busy like to exercise? This is a regular part of her life. We have heard that she loves to run several miles nearly every day. Running is a great way to burn calories as well as get into shape. The body benefits as well as the heart and soul. Runners usually follow a very strict routine including taking the time to stretch followed by running and a cool down.

Put together a plan for exercising and a healthy diet and you can also have a nice looking body. Being at a healthy weight is important in life, as it helps prevent some diseases.

What do you do as a healthy eating plan? Do you take the time to exercise on a regular basis? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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