Bruce Willis Weight

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How Much Does Bruce Willis Weigh?

Bruce Willis weighs close to 195 pounds.


How Tall is Bruce Willis?

Bruce Willis is approximately 5’11” in height.

About Bruce Willis’ weight:

Bruce Willis, also known as Walter Bruce Willis, is well known in America for his movie roles in the Die Hard series. He also played in The Fifth Element, The Sixth Sense, Sin City, Moonrise Kingdom, and Pulp Fiction just to name a few.

Bruce Willis is currently in his late fifties and is married to Emma Heming. He was previously married to Demi Moore for 13 years.  Bruce has four children and has continued his career through his life changes. He is very successful financially as well as in his career choice.

In the last five years, Bruce has lost some weight. This can be due to his new family life as well as entering the silver years of life. He is a very busy man in life and being married to a model has definitely changed his life.

This week, his latest role in A Good Day to Die Hard is released to the public in theatres across the country. Do you think Bruce works to die hard in keeping fit, or do you think it comes naturally for him?

Bruce has been known to lack sleep at many times in his career and say things off the wall that draws criticism. He is human like any of us who will make mistakes on occasion.

If Bruce took the time to work out on a regular basis, this can help to reduce stress in his life. With a huge plate for his career he works very hard and many long hours. Taking some time out for himself and his family is important as well.

Do you know anything about Bruce’s exercise, or even diet plan? Do you know if he follows a specific way of eating? We would love to hear your personal thoughts! Thanks for sharing with us!

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